Franny's Evolutions World

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These are screenshots from my evolutions world, where I start in Alpha Minecraft and slowly upgrade to newer versions. Currently I'm still in alpha, because I want to finish this village before I move on to beta.

Franny's Minecraft character stands on the road of a village she has built in Alpha Minecraft.

On this screenshots are some of the first houses I've built on this world. The closest two are a blacksmith (to the left) and the lumbermill (to the right). The blacksmith has a big furnace sticking out of it, and the lumbermill consists of two parts: a taller, two-storey wooden part and a shorter brick part. This was the first build I did with bricks. The blacksmith serves as my storage for stones, ores and other things that are smelted, such as bricks and glass. The lumbermill acts as my storage for wood, saplings and wooden blocks.

Further back, you can barely see them, are other two builds: my first house (behind the blacksmith) and the library (behind the lumbermill). My first house is pretty small, but cozy. It acts as my miscellaneous storage for things I don't have a dedicated storage for yet. The library is my storage for books (duh), but also paper and sugar cane (it used to also store leather, but since you don't need leather to craft books in this version, I eventually moved it to a different building).

Franny's Minecraft character stands at a different place in the village.

This screenshot is taken where you would turn right on the first screenshot. The lumbermill is now on the left, the taller wooden part of it. To the right is the cookhouse, my storage for animal drops, such as meat, wool, leather and feathers. Behind it is the flower shop, currently the last build I've made. It is a storage for plants and flowers. The large building in the back is the "Town Hall, where boring paperwork is done" (that's the full name).

Franny's Minecraft character stands at the entrance to the same village.

This is the entrance to the village from the spawn beach. The closest building that is on the left currently serves no purpose other than to fill space. Behind it is the greenhouse with a glass roof, that is my wheat farm and the storage building for wheat, seeds and dirt. The building on the right is the watchtower. Further on the right, across the road from the greenhouse, are two small houses also to fill up space.

A view on the watchtower from high on a mounatin.

And this is the watchtower! This screenshot is taken on the mounatin that is visible on the last screenshot. The watchtower is the tallest buiild in this world, stretching all the way up to the build height (which was 128 at the time). In the bottom, there are some other buildings also visible, notably the greenhouse.

A view on the village from the watchtower.

And this is the view from on top of the watchtower :]