You have landed on the daydream station, a magical hideaway in the vast, ever-growing expanses of the Web. This is a personal refuge of Franny, an artist, a queer, a girl, and a dreamer, who has claimed this little faraway nook for herself to experiment in, to display her accomplishments and life journey, and to take a rest from the bustling cities and loud highways of The World Wide Web.

Join me on my journey of creativity and self-discovery, browse through the rooms and hallways of this Webbed Site!


epicfranb.neocities.org was first created on February 13th 2023. The start of 2023 was rough for me; but there was one thing that stood out: a Tumblr post which talked about personal websites.

Now, having been born in 2002, i have not witnessed the era of personal web at all. I spent my childhood playing flash games, so the only thing really "nostalgic" to me is the old style layouts.

But i was entranced with the websites i found. They had personality, they were unique, they were many of them. They were homes, they were scrapbooks, they were works of art.

And so, armed with my complete lack of knowledge in HTML and CSS, i began coding... read more


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